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Help Save Fred is a super fun stem activity will help your students s
trengthen team-building skills as well as sharpen the following direction skills. 

Preparing for an interview using the
 teacher interview tips provided will help you land your dream teaching job!  Consider learning the background and...


Are you looking for tips as a first year teacher? Check out my advice for first-year teachers.  First of all, congratulations on surviving college and landing your first teaching gig...

Shoes for teacher have to be comfortable and trendy! We, teachers, stay on our feet the majority of the day so a good pair of shoes is a must... 


Native American Projects is always an activity my students enjoy! Check out these Social Studies Activities for kids to make learning fun and exciting. 


Christmas gifts for students made easy! Check out my list of favorite Christmas gifts for the class as well as fun gifts from the teacher to the student.


Are you preparing your students for a standardized test?  Have you been searching for Georgia Milestone Practice? Make sure you review this Georgia Milestones checklist before testing! 

Have you hit the status of “Tired Teacher”?  Looking for teacher motivation? Check out these teacher 411 ideas to help get your groove back as well as reduce stress...

I am THANKFUL to be a teacher because I love to prove you CAN have fun while LEARNING!  I enjoy changing their mindset in a positive way so my students...

Avoid teacher burnout...Is that like a medical thing or what?  When I first you could avoid burnout and stress, I had to google what the deal was...

Selling your teaching resources online was the answer to my prayers!  Thinking about if you should sell your teaching resources online?