Shoes for Teachers

shoes-for-teachersA good pair of shoes is undoubtedly a requirement when teaching school. Comfortable shoes for teachers do not have to be boring or ugly!

Shoes for teacher have to be comfortable and trendy! As teachers, we stay on our feet the majority of the day, so a good pair of shoes is a must.  Comfortable shoes for teachers do not have to be boring or ugly and now it's easier than ever to find a cute and comfortable pair of shoes. Here you will find recommendations for comfortable yet trendy shoes that you will not have to sacrifice your feet to wear!

Shoes for teachers comfort that provide support and will keep you on trend! Check out these much have suggestions!Every teacher has worn a super cute pair of shoes to school, only to have their feet feel almost as if they were going to fall off by the end of the day. My question is why? Shoes for teachers should be comfortable!

Comfortable Shoes for Teachers

Shoes for teachers can be cute and comfortable! Every teacher has worn a super cute pair of shoes to school, only to have their feet feel almost as if they were going to fall off by the end of the day.  My question is why? Why have I spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on cute, trendy shoes that I could not teach in all day?  Finding good shoes for a teacher isn’t difficult because Teaching Dunn Simply has done the shopping for you! Check out these trendy yet comfortable shoes for teachers.  I personally have purchased and worn most of the shoes you will find on the page.

It's important to protect your feet especially when you stand up and move around as much as teachers do. Thankfully, shoes companies have caught on and now you can find comfortable AND cute, trendy shoes. I don't know about you but I like to be cute and comfortable. However, I know it's important to have comfortable shoes for teachers so sometimes I have to improvise. 

Best Shoes for Teachers

Comfy shoes for teachers that are cute and trendy do not have to break the bank. The best part is they ship right to your house. Check out the styles!

I love summertime!  The best shoes for teachers are perfect for teaching and summertime fun. In the past I have had "work shoes" and "other shoes". That was until I found a great brand of shoes that I could wear to work and everywhere else. The brand is Volatile. Volatile is a great brand of shoes for teachers. This brand is affordable, provides comfort, is trendy, and is durable.  Stop and think for a minute how often you can say that about a brand of shoes. I also like the Volatile brand because they have so many styles to choose from, including wedges. I personally enjoy wearing a wedge-style because I am not a very tall person and feel more comfortable wearing a heel. Plus, I teach upper elementary so most of my students are taller than me! This is not a big deal to me but they love it! 

Winter Shoes for Teachers

As soon as the temperature starts offering a bit of chill in the air, my sandals are put away until next year.  I enjoy fall and wearing leggings with boots and booties. Fall seems to be a season of comfort for many people.  Many enjoying wearing hoodies and oversized sweatshirts. Check out these booties!  Make sure and purchase a pack of footies to wear. This will help reduce foot odor and will make wearing these shoes for teachers much more comfortable. I enjoy wearing flats or a lower heel shoe with leggings or ankle-length pants. I ordered the black slide on shoes to wear on Fridays with my school t-shirt and jeans. I highly recommend Soda shoes because you can dress them up with leggings and a long tunic or skinny jeans! These shoes are great to wear to school and on the weekends. Plus they are under $25 on Amazon.  What a great pair of shoes for teachers.      

Pencil Shoes for Teachers

Check out these super cute pencils shoes for teachers. Pair these cute shoes for teachers with your favorite pair of black pants or comfy black dress. Really you could style these shoes with a variety of colors and styles. Whatever mood you are in that day.

I also include a pair of cute globe shoes! Perfect for any social studies teacher! And those socks are cute and comfy!

Best Shoes for PE Teachers

How many steps each does a PE teacher take? I bet it's a lot so it's super important to know the best shoes for PE teachers. These shoes come highly recommended by a survey that was taken by none other than PE teachers. It was also mentioned by the teachers who were surveyed they usually get another pair of tennis shoes about half way through the school year. Several PE teachers also coach a sport and wear tennis shoes 10-12 hours each day. So here you have it! The top recommendations of best shoes for PE teachers.

My shoes size is an 8.5 and I wear a 9 in On Cloud tennis shoes.

Best Tennis Shoes for Teachers

I don't know about you but I can certainly get behind these cute sneakers especially the high tops. I personally love the style and think they are at the top of my best tennis shoes for teachers list. I LOVE the ShuShop and Vintage Havana brand and can comfortably wear for a full day of teaching. Check out these styles.

Don't let me the price frighten you because these shoes are worth every penny!

I hope you have found the perfect pair of shoes for teachers. Life is much more enjoyable when you can be cute and comfortable...right?

Please leave a comment below if you have any recommendations for a great pair of shoes!

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