Georgia Milestones Test Checklist

Georgia milestones

Are you preparing your students for a standardized test?  Have you been searching for Georgia Milestone Practice? Make sure you review this Georgia Milestones checklist before testing!

Teacher Tip:  If you have a cold classroom, remind students to bring a jacket!   

#1 - Encourage your students!

#1 on your Georgia Milestone Checklist is...Start 2-3 weeks before testing begins and encourage your students EVERY single day!  Sounds too easy right? Remind your students how hard you guys have worked this school year and how smart they are!  Provide students with a piece of peppermint each morning of testing. My students love this! You also can leave them a Testing Treat on their desk each morning!

#2 - Pick your battles

2-3 weeks before testing and especially the week before and the week during testing you really need to pick your battles.  Unless severe behavior occurs, students need to be with you reviewing as much as possible! When you correct a student’s behavior do so in an encouraging way.  Explain what your expectations are and what the choices they should make in the future.  This is #2 on your Georgia Milestones Checklist.

Strategy #3 - Parent Involvement

On the Georgia Milestone Checklist for #3 is...ASK PARENTS TO WRITE A TESTING LETTER:  Check out this testing letter.  I love watching the joy on student’s faces when they open and read their letter that someone has written for them.

Strategy #4 - Practice makes Perfect

PRACTICE!  Download a Georgia Milestones Study Guide to send home to parents.  Also, provide your students with a Georgia Milestones Practice Test.  Send the Georgia Milestones Practice Test home with students so the parent will be informed how their child is performing and can review skills at home.  Make sure you are offering practice and review questions in different formats (multiple-choice, constructed response, fill in the blank, etc.). Practicing test taking strategies is crucial and comes in at #4 on this Georgia Milestones Test Checklist.

Strategy #5 - Georgia Milestones Practice

USE THE GADOE’S WEBSITE!  Check out this link:  Georgia Milestones Achievement Level Descriptors.  Here you will find how the answer will qualify as a Level 1, 2, 3, or 4 answers.  It is so very important for you to educate yourself on how your students will be scored so you can prepare them.  Also, make sure you are teaching and spiraling power standards. Here is a link where more information is provided for Georgia Milestone 3rd Grade Math and Georgia Milestone 3rd Grade ELA

I wish you and your students the best of luck this testing season!  I hope this Georgia Milestones checklist and strategies will be helpful to you and your students.   Remember to GENTLY encourage your students. Stay calm so your students will remain calm.