Selling my Teaching Resources Online


Selling my teaching resource online had never crossed my mind. I didn't know this was the answer to many prayers!  Thinking about if you should sell your teaching resources online? Are you looking for ways teachers make extra money or just searching for a teacher side hustle?  Maybe you wish to work from home full time while still making a splash in the world of education?  If you answered yes, this teacher style blog post could be a pivotal moment in your life and career in education.  Now, let me tell you how I got started selling my teaching resources online.  

 Selling my Teaching Resources Online 
Teacher Side Hustle


Selling my teaching resources online had not entered my brain!  However, in December of 2018, I started considering the possibilities of starting a teacher side hustle.  I knew a boost of income would be great for my family and would drastically speed up paying off my teacher-student loan debt.  However, my struggle was figuring out how I could make money, work from home, teach full time, and continue to take care of my family. The reality of my situation set in and I began thinking a teacher side hustle wasn’t in the cards for me.  Later in the day, I jumped on Instagram for a few minutes while my children were playing with the toys Santa brought.

Who is Kayse Morris?


On Instagram, a friend of mine mentioned a lady name Kayse Morris who was very energetically talking about selling teacher resources online.   So, after surveying her profile I noted this teacher had nearly 40,000 followers, (was from Georgia) and was clearly successful. I visited Kayse's teaching style blog, a very successful TpT store, and a lightning bolt struck me.  This was my teacher's side hustle...this was it! Currently, in my classroom, I was already designed, and creating the majority of my classroom teaching resources.  However, I knew I would need to learn how to navigate my way to selling my teaching resources online and marketing my teacher resources online. I was ready to learn how to professionally create, protect, market, and get organize selling my teacher resources online.  That’s when I found the course Transform your Resources by Kayse Morris.

Choosing an Online Course


After making the decision to go all-in, I downloaded Kayse’s workbook and completed the steps.  Then a big commitment for me was signing up for Transform your Resources. It was too late, I knew this course would give me lifetime value and would be worth spending the money! Transform your Resource was an excellent investment for me and my business. Kayse provides a step-by-step course for designing, creating, selling my teaching resources online, and marketing your teacher online resources. 

What to expect...

What the course offers...

  • *Each module includes multiple videos!  G-E-N-U-I-S!  I am a note taker and so I could pause the video or watch again if needed.
  • *Creating, Designing, Editing teacher resources - I learned SO much during this module.  PowerPoint has so many great features you can implement to make your classroom teacher resources stand out from the rest!  
  • *SEO Module - Search Engine Optimization.  All the tips and tricks you need to know about search engines.
  • *Marketing - Social media includes...Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook!  Great tips and tricks that work! Hello!*Blogging - powerful, step-by-step directions to how to purchase your domain, using, etc

Hello extra MONEY!

By Module 2 in Transform your Resources, it was clear to me this wasn’t just my teacher's side hustle anymore.  This was my pay my student loans off, pay my house off, or buy my a beach house business. My new business, Teaching Dunn Simply,  was the car to changing my family tree financially and I had the petal to the metal! So, now my teacher style blog is now apart of teaching story and I am so proud. Teachers and educators that have purchased my teaching resources online from my Teachers pay Teachers store needed help.  Maybe time was of the essence, needed activity with a specific standard, preparing for state testing, or was struggling with classroom management. I love creating teaching resources, activities, games, graphic organizers, checklist, test prep material, and teacher blogging to make an impact on teachers from all over.  Best. Feeling. Ever.

Change your family tree financially!  My dream is to change my family tree and currently taking action to accomplish this goal thanks to investing in myself and my business.  My current action to the CEO Teacher by Kayse Morris. This is a monthly membership for teachers who have taken Transform your Resources and take their business to yet another level.  So, Kayse just doesn’t go away after you complete the course. You can sign up for the CEO teacher and continue to power your way through straight to the top!

So, what are you waiting for?  Jump in and make it happen. Nothing in this world happens by chance.  YOU, my friend, are in charge of how far you go and how fast you get there.  So, join the movement in making a positive impact on teachers and students all over the world. If you are not pumped to selling my teaching resources online and joining Transform your Resources, better check your pulse!