Teacher Interview


Strategy #1: Preparation is everything!

Preparing for an interview using the teacher interview tips provided will help you land your dream teaching job!  Conduct research and consider learning the background of the school system where you are interviewing. Find out if the population of the school and the diversity of the students.  Also, research information such as if it’s a Title 1 school, average classroom sizes, and the student to teacher ratio. This will help you decide if you are indeed interested in accepting the teaching position, should you receive an offer.

Strategy #2: Be Intentional

Think about why you became a teacher.  Make sure to intentionally discuss your passion for teaching and the reason “why”. This will show the interview committee your excitement and dedication to this wonderful, rewarding profession.  

Strategy #3: Teacher interview questions and answers

teacher-interview-questions-and-answersDo you need help when practicing your teacher interview questions and answers? In this blog post, you will find...

Practicing possible questions and answers will help way more than you might think. Practice teacher interview questions and answers while driving down the road or any other quiet time you may have.  The more you practice your teacher interview questions and answers, the better prepared you are and more intentional you will be with your answers. Here are a few common teacher interview questions...  

Teacher Tip: Review standards for grade level and subject area.  Find out if the state where you are interviewing follows Common Core or has adopted its own state standards.  Then, begin educating yourself and learning all of the things. Review standards and curriculum to educate yourself. During the interview, there is a possibility you will be questioned about standards, etc. It's also a great idea to get to know the school district in which you are applying. For example, is is a Title 1 school, Charter School, social-economic status, etc. The more you know, the better!

Strategy #4: Practice and Stay Calm

questions-for-teacher-interviewAre you looking for questions for teacher interview?

Try to stay calm and stick with what you know and have practiced.  Be yourself and answer questions openly and honestly. Do not hesitate to ask questions if you have areas of concern.  Remember, the committee wants the best teacher, so sell yourself as the best. Often, teachers have a difficult time talking about their strengthens because it can sometimes feel like bragging.  However, now is the time to brag! Give them your best and let them know that if they want a great teacher, they need you! Be confident!

Strategy #5: Teacher Interview Outfit 


What should your teacher interview outfit look like? Keep your interview outfit professional!  Teacher interview attire includes clothing, makeup, a professional hairstyle, and shoes.  Ensure your teacher interview outfit is appropriate to work specifically with the age of students you will be teaching.  Consider ditching strong scents of perfume or cologne. First impressions are everything! Look at the mirror and ask yourself if you would hire you!  Ask a friend you trust for their opinion when deciding what to wear for your teacher interview attire. Choose something that is comfortable yet flattering. Remember you will be working with children and need to wear appropriate clothing.

Teacher Tip: Remember to sit up straight in your chair and look the interview committee in the eyes when they are speaking to you.  Again, try to stay calm and relaxed as much as possible.

Strategy #6: What are your strengths as a teacher?

What is your jam, and what is the thing other teachers want to learn from you?  Share your strengths with the interview committee!  Blow their socks off! Just kidding! But really, talk yourself up during this portion of your teacher interview.  Your strengths as a teacher may include classroom management, classroom organizations, math or reading concepts, social-emotional learning, growth mindset, etc.  How are your strengths beneficial to you in the classroom?

Strategy #7: What are your weaknesses as a teacher?

Discussing weaknesses is uncomfortable for anyone to talk about. Especially in front of an interview committee with school administrators or teachers that will hopefully be your coworkers soon. However, “What are your weaknesses as a teacher?” happens to be a question that is often asked during an interview. Everyone is not great at everything! Take a minute to reflect on your weaknesses. How can you improve this weakness? How can you be honest about this weakness to the interview committee? Next, think about what you can do to improve this area of your teaching career and the steps you can take or will take to improve.

Teacher Tip:  Share your teacher work samples.  Remember you have 20-30 minutes to prove you are the best teacher for the job!  Bring along your best teacher work samples with you! Remember, you want to impress the committee and prove you are the best teacher for the open position.  

GOOD LUCK ON YOUR INTERVIEW!  Please email me at teachingdunnsimply@gmail.com, and let me know how your interview went!