Respect in the Classroom

teaching-respectTeaching respect in the classroom is so important. Students are expected to show respect and be kind to others, but what if they don't have the know-how. Here is a great resource when teaching respect to children and have the conversation of what being respectful looks like and sounds like.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T find out what it means to me”.  Are you channeling your inner Aretha Franklin?  Hopefully, you are reading this blog post because you are looking for effective ways of teaching respect and how to teach your students how to show respect for teachers. First things first, Why is respect important?  Respect is important to give and receive. When respect is shown there is a sense of trust and safety that is expressed.  The feeling of safety and trust is most important when you are working with children and parents. Think back to when you were in school.  Who was your favorite teacher? Did he/she show you respect? Did you feel you could trust this teacher? Be this teacher for your students.  Teach and show students what respect looks like, sounds like, and feels like.

Respect Activities

Teaching respect will help students build trust and feel safe.  Sounds simple right? Guess what? You have to teach your students what respect looks like and feels like and sounds like.  Take the time to invest in your students in demonstrating ways to show, how to have respect for teachers, and what respect means.  At the beginning of the school year and reteach what respect means after students return from holidays. I have created activities to help when teaching why is respect important.  Check out this resource perfect for teaching Respect in the Classroom located in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.


Respect Posters

Posters are great visuals for students when reminding what respect in the classroom looks like, and sounds like.  Be sure to add respect posters to the walls of your classroom respect quotes for kids and respect posters.  This will allow your students to have reminders of how to show respect and give respect to each other and show respect for teachers.


Respect in the Classroom
Read Alouds

Here are a few suggestions of great options and my recommendations for teaching respect read aloud.  If you have suggestions you would like to share, please add your recommendations in the comments portion near the bottom of this blog post.  

Why Respect is Important?

Teaching respect is another tool inside or your classroom management toolbox.  You are teaching students life skills that will help them grow into productive members of society.  Everything you do to strengthen your classroom management will reduce stress for you and your students.  Take the time to get this part right so you don’t have classroom chaos this school year!