Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Students

Christmas gifts for students does not have to be stressful for us teachers. It also doesn't have to break the bank!

Top 10 Christmas gifts for students made easy! Check out my list of favorite Christmas gifts for the class as well as fun gifts from the teacher to the student.

Every Christmas season I updated this blog post to reflect new trending items. Of course, some of the items you will find here are timeless especially for kids. However, I will continue to add fun, trendy items so you can keep your hip, cool teacher status. We teachers have to stick together. 

Santa is making his list and checking it twice and so are teachers!  Christmas gifts for classroom students do not have to be stressful or expensive.  Let’s face it, who has time for that? After spending many hours with our students, we want to show how much we care in a small, but thoughtful way.  The first step is to commit to stay within your budget and then find that special something that you know your students will love.  I hope one of these kid approved ideas will wow you and your students.

I purchased these Christmas Scratch Art Ornaments and they were a HUGE hit with my students.  A great option for an inexpensive christmas gifts for students from teacher.  My kiddos truly had a great time designing and being creative!

#1: Squishies

#2: Mini Pop-it Keychains

This is a favorite for my students or really fidgets but especially pop-its. My students love pop-its! They can attach to book bag or purse depending on what grade you teach.

#3: Mini balls or stress ball

#4: Slime

#5: Slinky

#6: Cool, Fun Keychains

#7: EarBuds

#8: Slap on Bracelets 

#9: Fun Pencils and Erasers

#10: Small Self-inking Stamps

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

The challenge for teachers is keeping Christmas wonderful at school and at home.  During the holidays, many families find their calendar quickly filling up starting in October.  Personally, my calendar quickly begins filling up after Halloween with teacher obligations for myself and school activities for my kiddos.  Here you will find tried and true tips to keep the joy in Christmas for all. 

Christmas Around the World is an experience of a lifetime. Bring students along as you enjoy Christmas Around the World.

Take your students on a Christmas adventure Around the World. Students will love learning traditions, decorations, activities, food, and much more! This resource is NO PREP for you and tons of fun for students. Christmas Around the World is a great experience and one student is sure to love and remember.

Stop the SCROLL!  Virtual Teachers...this is for you!

So many teachers are teaching virtually right now.  I bet you are wondering what and how in the world you are going to pull off christmas gifts for students.  Don't worry,  I've done the hard part and already been shopping for you.  

Put up some clear party favor bags from Walmart.  Add some red or green filler to the bottom, and then place a sleeve of hot chocolate and pack of earbuds.  Tie a pretty ribbon on top.  BAM...cute, inexpensive christmas gift for students from teacher!

1- Earbuds -

2 - Christmas Glasses -

3 - Silly Face Christmas Stickers -

4 - Fun Hot Chocolate -

5 - Christmas Scratch Art Ornament -

Christmas Gifts for Students Tip #1

Buy in bulk when you are purchasing Christmas gifts for a class.  Now only does buying in bulk help save money, it also guarantees each student will have the same gift.  Here are a few suggestions that will make you and your students smile.  

Christmas Gifts for Students Tip #2

Christmas Gifts for Students from Teacher is a gift students will never forget.

Give a student Christmas gift of something they need, yet enjoy.  Pack a pencil pouch fill of pencils, cool erasers, small notepads, etc.  The goal for this tip is to give students an item or two that need but still is exciting for them to receive.  You know your kids better than anyone, so use that knowledge here!   

Christmas Gifts for Students Tip #3

Shop at Oriental TradingAmazonbulk that are popular with kids.  Also, think about making treat bags for your students with a variety of items. You can purchase cute, fun seasonal baggies from Dollar General and include whatever items you like.

Christmas Gifts for Students Tip #4

Do you have a team teacher?  If so, ask if they would like to split the cost with you.  For self -contained teachers, consider asking a neighboring teacher to go in with you to make one purchase and divide the items between both classrooms of students.  Hopefully, this will save money or allow you to buy more for the same amount.

Christmas Gifts for Students Tip #5

Check out Scholastic for Dollar book deals!  Make sure to write a thoughtful note inside each book.  Trust me, your students will cherish reading a personal note written by their favorite teacher.  If you are looking for a different option other than scholastics, check out these bulk book buys from amazon.

Christmas Gifts for Classmates

Does your child want to exchange Christmas gifts with classmates?  Get an idea of what your child has in mind as to what they would like to give their fellow students.  Then, ask the teacher how many students are in the class and how many males and females if needed.  Consider erasers, small figures, playdoh, puzzles, small art sets, sports-themed items, princess-themed items, and the list goes on.  Students in my classroom love small notepads with colored pens/pencils

Teachers:  If your school system allows the exchange of Christmas gifts for classmates, try it!  Establish the guidelines and ask students to bring gifts in early.  That will allow you the time to make sure that everything is appropriate and everyone has something.  Whether it is a store-bought or handmade item, students love having something to open.

Christmas Themed Gift Ideas

Choose a theme for your classroom.  There are many christmas themed gift ideas to choose from.  One that I have assigned in the past and students loved was crazy socks!  Ask each student to bring a pair of socks to exchange with someone in the class.  I would recommend adding a price limit of $5- $10.  Whatever you feel is suitable for your class and students.  

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