Would You Rather: Thanksgiving


Would You Rather: Thanksgiving is a great game to play to get everyone in a festive spirit.  Would You Rather: Thanksgiving questions will have every turkey in your classroom rolling with laughter. Would you rather questions for kids are the perfect way to spend time with your students and have a little bit of fun.  


Would You Rather: Thanksgiving

Often Thanksgiving is a holiday that reminds us of the people, things, and places we are thankful for.  I don't know about you, but I am thankful for my job as a teacher and for my students.  Yes, this career is stressful and overwhelming, but also incredibly overwhelming.  I say all this to remind you to take time to appreciate your students and spend time with them.  Spend time playing silly games, having relaxed conversations, and checking in with each student.  Investing in your kiddos is so important and hopefully will help build relationships too.  Playing silly, fun games like would you rather for kids is a great way to build relationships.  

Would You Rather Thanksgiving Questions 

Would You Rather Thanksgiving will ensure your kiddos are ready for the Thanksgiving holidays.  Everything from pumpkin pie to the Mayflower is included in this game.  Some of the Would You Rather: Thanksgiving questions are funny and silly, which is something both you and your students will appreciate.  


Would You Rather: Thanksgiving Edition

This would you rather Thanksgiving game is NO prep and requires nothing from you.  Would You Rather: Thanksgiving questions are offered as Google Slides, so you can simply assign them to your students.  An answer sheet is included with this resource.  You have two options when using Google Slides.  Option 1: Share the answer sheet with students.  Option 2:  Assign in Google Classroom and "make a copy" for each student.  If you are playing this at home with family, just share your screen and ask each question on each slide.  The answer sheet could still be used.  


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Whether you are wanting to use this resource at school or at home, here are a few tips and suggestions for you.  

  • Compare answers with a large group and see who has like answers. 
  • Assign partners.  
  • When a question is asked, ask for a thumbs up or thumbs down.  Would You Rather: Thanksgiving questions are versatile.  You can implement the game to fit your needs and purpose.  

If you are looking for a few more interactive Thanksgiving Activities, be sure to check these out. First up is a Balloons over Broadway STEM Activity and Read Aloud. This activity has students create their own balloon similar to the ones that can be found in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.  Also included is a reading comprehension passage all about the Thanksgiving Macy's Day Parade.

Next up, the "What are you THANKFUL for?" Game. Students will roll a die. Depending on the number they land on, they will answer one of six questions about being thankful and showing thanks.

Last up, "My THANKFUL Turkey". Students will type/write about something or someone they are thankful for on a turkey's feathers.

Thanksgiving Read Alouds

I wanted to share a few of my favorite Thanksgiving read aloud books.