Would you rather Winter Questions

Would You Rather Winter Questions

Warm up your classroom during the winter season and play would you rather winter! Students will love the silly questions. There are so many options for teachers and ways to implement would you rather winter questions.

Implement these fun game on rainy, cold winter days for indoor recess. Would you rather winter question is also perfect for a brain break. 

Would you rather winter questions will surely be a student favorite.  This online game for kids is easy to use.  Questions are silly and related to the winter season.  Festive winter clipart is included on each Google Slide that offers a winter feel for you and students.  As you can see, Would you rather winter questions is a great activity for you have to offer students. Trust me, they beg to play! Click here to visit my TPT store to check out this resource.

Would you rather Winter Questions and more

This would you rather questions for kids is completely digital.  Would you rather for kids uses Google Slides.  So if you are in a traditional classroom and have access to Google Slides you can present using Google Slides slideshow feature. If you are teaching virtually you can simply share your screen with students and play along. Students will use the Would you rather answer sheet to choose Option 1 or Option 2.

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Would you rather winter

Would you rather for kids is a great activity to use as a brain break for students.  There are so many ways to incorporate this fun game into the winter season.  My students look forward to playing each month. Each set is conveniently and perfectly themed so you can play monthly or during a specific season.

Here's an idea...use would you rather winter questions as a good behavior reward. You can set a classroom goal of something specific that students should focus on. Such as, walking quietly in the hall 5 times, earning a compliment in the cafeteria, sharing, showing kindness, etc. Choose something specific to your classroom.

Would You Rather St. Patricks Day

Valentine's Day Would You Rather

Valentine's Day Would You Rather

 Would you rather Valentine's day  is a sweet way to play with students. This is a great game to play during a class Valentines party.

Valentines would you rather comes with a digital answer sheet.  Students simply click inside each box to type an answer.  Boxes are already on the answer sheet.  The teacher literally just has to assign to students to start playing. Let the fun begin! Click here to check out Valentine's Day Would You Rather game.

Would You Rather Valentine's Day

Would you rather game has been around for years and years.  This classic game is a favorite of many.  The Would you rather winter questions and Valentine's day would you rather will help you learn more about students.  I always learn something new and activities like this help build relationships in our classroom.

This is a great game to play during a class Valentine's Day party. Valentine's Day Would You Rather is a great time filler and will keep students focused and in their seats. That sounds like a win, win to me!

Would You Rather St. Patricks Day

Would You Rather St. Patricks Day

Prepare for St. Patrick's Day and go green!  If you are looking for resources to enhance engagement during the winter season, this game is ideal for you and your classroom.  Whether you use this resource for indoor recess, brain break activity, or as a class reward, students will enjoy playing Would you rather St. Patrick's Day.

Whether you are teaching virtually or face to face, this digital Would you rather Winter questions and Would you rather St. Patrick's Day is an activity all will look forward to. Have fun chasing the end of the rainbow!

If you are able to incorporate snack time, I have an idea. Grab a box of Lucky Charms and small punch cups. Allow students to munch on this perfectly themed snack while laughing and playing along. Click here to check out Would You Rather St. Patricks Day resource. 

St Patrick's Day Would You Rather

I don't know about you but I love the winter/spring season. I enjoy the holidays during this time of year and enjoy the festive activities it offers. Great games like would you rather winter questions,  Valentine's Would You Rather, and Would You Rather St. Patrick's Day are all super fun to play! Enjoy this time with students because it seems like after Christmas break, time flys! Which for most teacher is not a bad thing.

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Online would you rather game

Looking for a HUGE bundle for Would you rather Questions for kids?  If so, you have hit the jackpot.  This bundle includes 11 Funny Would you rather questions sets. The best part is... each resource is offered in digital format for convenience.  You may have guessed it, Google Slides.  

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