Would You Rather Disney

Would You Rather Disney surely bring magic to your classroom.  Have you ever wondered what it would be like to ride on Aladdin's magic carpet or sip tea with Cinderella and the girls? I bet your students have! Would You Rather: Disney Edition is fun, exciting, and will certainly get students using their imagination and dreaming all things Disney.

would you rather Disney

Would You Rather Disney Edition

Would You Rather Disney Edition is your answer to a fun activity. Whether you are looking for something for rainy days, fun Fridays, or brain break activities, these would you rather Disney questions are perfect for your classroom. Many of our students have never been to Disney World but are super familiar with it. Students have watched Disney shows, are familiar with characters and movies, and can belt out their favorite Disney sing-along song!

Would you rather Disney show

Who is your favorite Disney character? Everyone has their favorite!  Some may choose a Disney hero, princess, or villain. These widely known movies, tv shows, and characters are loved by all.  This is what makes Would You Rather Disney questions so special! Each question will bring a giggle or smile for your students. Playing “would you rather” with your students is a perfect opportunity to learn more about your students and see how you can relate to them. Students will also see how they relate to other students in their class. Answers to Would You Rather Disney Edition questions may surprise you!

Would You Rather Disney Questions

would you rather Disney edition

Participants are asked 2 Would You Rather Disney questions.  Each participant should only choose one answer, as choosing both or neither isn’t allowed.  Peter Pan, Cinderella, Captain Hook, and Mulan are all included!  Even would you rather Disney TV show questions! 

Play Disney music when you play the Would you rather Disney game. Students will love listening to songs from the favorite Disney movie. You can stream from YouTube.com. I use Amazon music and stream a station provided. My kids love this!

This resource includes 30 questions, and an answer sheet is included. Each question has a #1 or #2 and depending on which answer the student wants to choose.  Answers can be written on the answer sheet that can be found in this Would You Rather Disney Edition resource. This Disney-themed resource is offered in two formats: digital and PDF.  So, whether you are searching for a fun digital game when teaching online or for an in-class activity, this resource will work for you. It's a win, win!   

Would You Rather Disney 

would you rather Disney questions

If you are not using this activity for your classroom, that’s okay.  It’s still a great option. Make the family trip to visit Disney World a fun one and play this game in the car with your kids. Trust me, this game will certainly pump them up! You also can play while waiting in lines at Disney World or Disneyland.  The best part is that if you play the PDF version, it will give your kids a break from screen time!

As you can see, the happiest place on Earth is fun for all, especially when you incorporate it into a game.  The magic of Disney is captivating for everyone.  I don’t know about you, but I have always enjoyed all things Disney. My favorite Disney princess is Aurora because Sleeping Beauty was my favorite Disney movie when I was a little girl. I feel most people have a favorite movie and character they have enjoyed over the years. This is what most enjoy about playing games and participating in activities that include this theme. Making fun connections in the classroom will help build engagement and relationships with your students.  Building relationships is so important, and by incorporating games you are able to learn so much about them and their personalities. Often students are hesitant to open up.  However, playing games like “would you rather” is a great way to start. 

disney would you rather questions

Disney Would You Rather will work any time of year. Whether it’s spring, summer, fall, or winter, this is an enjoyable game!  I hope you enjoy playing along as much as I have! 

Wait...there's more!

What if I told you, you can score an EPIC Would You Rather Disney game AND a Disney Virtual Field Trip bundled up together? That's right, 2 awesome experiences for your students. The Virtual Field Trip to Disney World is an experience of a lifetime. All four Disney Parks are included jam packed with virtual rides and attractions at each location. Also, a reading comprehension passage all about the life and legacy of Walt Disney himself. The fact is some of our students will unfortunately never experience the magic of Disney World. Invite them on a trip that will create memories they will always cherish!