Would you Rather for Kids


Would you rather for kids will create smiles and giggles!  If you have never heard of or played Would you rather questions for kids, you are in for a real treat here.  Would you rather list is easy to play with children or play in a classroom.  Would you rather for kids is a great classroom activity for students.

Would you Rather for Kids


Would you rather for kids is a great game that is easily played.  Here's how you play: Each Google Slide or page a question is asked with 2 options to pick from.  Some options are silly and fun and some are just simple questions.  If you are looking to play in your classroom, Would you Rather for kids, is a great way to build relationships with students.  

Would you Rather Game Instructions

Would you Rather Game Instructions are simple and straightforward.  You have a couple of options when playing would you rather online game.  First, you assign the answer sheet for students to write answers on.  Second, you can answer questions as a group.  

Each Google Slides of the Would you Rather Online Game, ask two questions with two options.  Some of the options are similar or different.  Students can pick Option 1 or Option 2.  You can use the answer sheet for students or answer each question whole group.  If you decide to use the would you rather game instructions whole group, ask students to raise their hand for option 1 and option 2 when that questions is read.  

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Would you Rather for Kids Suggestions

Before learning how to play would you rather for kids, make sure you check out these suggestions.  Whether you are playing in a classroom with students or home with family or friends, these suggestions apply.  Be sure to think of rules that you would like for kids who will be playing to follow.  For example, how do you want each question answered.  

Activities to Build Classroom Community

The Would you Rather games are great activities to build classroom community!  Spending time laughing with your students is a successful way to build relationships with classroom community.  The main goal here is to spend time getting to know your students and learning their likes and interest.  When you like their likes and interest you can relate to them and use this to build relationships with students.    

Icebreaker Would you rather is a great option as an icebreaker activity.  Icebreaker would you rather will help students get to know each other especially at the beginning of the school year.  If you are looking to start the school year soon, and are in need to Back to School Activities, click here.