Would You Rather for Kids

would you rather for kids

Would You Rather for Kids is guaranteed to create smiles and giggles!  If you have never heard of would you rather questions for kids, you are in for a real treat here.  The would you rather list is long, so it's easy to relate to the kids in your classroom with the questions.  Most of the fun comes from the kids reactions to the questions.  Be prepared for "EWW!" followed by lots of laughter.  Would You Rather for Kids is a great classroom activity that you will enjoy and your students will love to play.

Would You Rather for Kids

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Would You Rather Game Instructions

Would You Rather for Kids is a great game that is easy to play.  Some options are silly and fun, while others are just simple questions.  All questions relate to kids, so when a student makes their choice, the reaction from the other students is oftentimes more fun than the answer that was chosen.  

Would You Rather game instructions are simple and straightforward.  You have a couple of options when playing the Would You Rather online game.  For one, you can assign the answer sheet for students to write answers on.  Another option is to answer questions as a group. 

 Google Slides of the Would You Rather online game asks two questions with two options.  Those options may be similar or different.  Students can pick Option 1 or Option 2.  You can use the answer sheet for students or answer each question as a whole group.  If you decide to answer the would you rather game as a whole group, ask students to raise their hand for option 1 or option 2 when that question is read.  

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Would You Rather for Kids Suggestions

Before learning how to play Would You Rather for Kids, make sure you check out these suggestions.  Whether you are playing in a classroom with students or home with family or friends, these suggestions apply.  Be sure to establish rules that you would like for the kids playing to follow.  For example, how do you want each question answered? 

One option would be to have students raise their hand for "option 1 or option 2". You can a minute or two to survey the results and discuss.

Another option is using an answer sheet. Students will write "1 or 2" on the answer sheet. After all questions have been answered, survey the class and discuss. If you have wondering where the answer sheet is, click here.



Using Would You Rather as an icebreaker is a great activity to break the ice at the beginning of a new school year.  When there is a brand new mix of students, this game allows students to get to know each other better.  Students can answer questions as they choose and allow a little piece of their personality to shine through.  If you are looking to start the school year soon and are in need of back to school activities, click here

Use as a Reward

Give your students something to work towards! Encourage students to achieve behavior goals or academic goals and use game time as a reward! After students have played a few times, change up your prizes! Read more below.  

Kids love prizes.  Awarding prizes tells your students that they are special and that you have gone to great effort to reward them.  It doesn't have to be anything big, just something that the kids consider cool.  You may have a treasure chest in your classroom that would allow students to make their own selection.  It is well worth the effort.

The Benefits

Make sure you are carving out time to get to know your students and build community within your classroom. There is simply no better to do this than implementing Would you rather games. Would you rather games are an effective tool in building classroom community.  The main goal of any game is to have fun with your students while building successful relationships with each student.  Once you know more about your students, you can relate to them better and use that knowledge to build supportive relationships with your students.  Laughter is the best medicine and should be included in every classroom daily.  

Brain Breaks

would you rather brain breaks

Would you rather for kids is perfect for Brain Breaks.  Allow students to have a few minutes to be silly and enjoy getting to know each other.  Brain Breaks are so important for students.  Provide students a new way to have a few minutes to chill and play would you rather for kids!  There is a hidden benefit here that I'm sure your student will not find out about! Your sweet students are busy having a great, fun time and you are getting to know them!  This is double the benefit!

So what are you waiting for? Jump in and play Would You Rather for Kids and start having FUN today!