February Classroom Activities:
Black History Month and Valentine's Day

February Classroom Activities will keep students engaged while building classroom community.

Engage students every day in February by implementing these February classroom activities. Love is in the air and good times are ahead. I worked hard to bring you unique fun-filled activities to help build classroom community during the month of February.

I would like to help lighten your lesson plan load. I have created resources that have everything you need to have some fun during the month of February. There are Black History Month virtual field trips and activities, along with Valentine’s Day games.

When I began brainstorming February classroom ideas, I wanted to focus on the entire month of February, not just Valentine’s Day. Black History Month activities are also included in the February classroom activities.

February Student Check-in

Online Student Check-in that is simple to use yet powerful makes the top of the list of February Classroom Activities.

Student check-ins are an absolute must in my classroom and should be in yours too. These check-ins are digital using Google Forms, which makes them super user-friendly for the teacher and students. The first question on both check-ins is “How are you today?”. Asking a question like this in writing, in a more private way, will help students open up more to share with you. Questions also include topics like kindness, wants, needs, etc. The questions and answers from students will provide you with a great way to start a conversation with them. Please take time to check on the mental health of your students! It’s so important. 

February Classroom Activities
Things I Love

February classroom activities like Things I Love are perfect for a couple of reasons. These activities ask students what they love, which includes people, places, food, etc. This makes it a great activity for the month of February. Another reason this is a great activity is that it can help you build relationships with students by finding things in common. For example, after students have completed the activity, go through students’ responses and try to find something in common with each student. If you can’t, ask students questions about their responses. This shows them you are interested in their likes and interests.  

Digital Valentine's Day Cards

The Digital Valentine’s Day cards included are editable. The “shell” or template has been created for you along with the clipart. Students can design and personalize their Valentine’s Day cards to their liking. My students are really into Among Us right now. Ten Among Us cards are available, five editable and five ready-mades. Also included are 10 traditional Valentine’s Day cards, five editable and five ready-mades. 

February Classroom Activities
Compliments Jar

It is so important kids are taught how to give and receive compliments. What better time to teach kindness and compliments than the month of February? This activity uses JamBoard. Each student has their own jar. The students in the class will give compliments to each other using the sticky notes provided. You can customize how you want students to give compliments. 

Valentine's Day Word Search

A Valentine’s Day word search is a student favorite activity! The word search puzzles for Valentine’s Day include all things red, pink, and full of hearts. As you may have suspected, the words included are all related to Valentine’s Day. Students will love this as a great addition to your February classroom activities.

Valentine's Day Word Scramble Activity

Who doesn’t love a good word scramble activity? This fun February classroom activity is sure to set the tone for the month of Valentine’s Day. Students will enjoy the challenge of the scramble activity and the fun words that are Valentine’s Day themed. 

Valentine's Journal Prompts
and Writing Activities

Valentine's Journal Prompts will tap into the sweet side of your students.

Valentine's journal topics and Martin Luther King Jr. writing prompts are included in the February Classroom Activities. I wanted to include writing prompts about the great Martin Luther King Jr. due to February being Black History Month. 

Valentine's Day Directed Drawings

If you are new to directed drawings, they are so much fun! Here’s the deal. YouTube has tons of directed drawing videos that teach step by step how to draw certain characters, objects, and themes. Students are provided detailed instructions by a professional artist. My kids love these so much! Find out what your students are into and see if you can find a video. The ones included in this bundle are all related to Valentine’s Day.

As I said, I love directed drawings. Students love them and Youtube.com authors offer a great variety especially for kids. Use directed drawings as a reward for good behavior to help motivate students to make good choices. I just wanted to share this idea, because it works for me in my classroom!

Would You Rather Valentine's Day Edition

Would You Rather Game: Valentine’s Day Edition is a great game students will love! The funny, silly, February-themed questions are sure to put a smile on students’ faces. Students will enjoy playing along for a brain break or a reward for making good choices. 

Virtual Field Trip to
Martin Luther King Jr. National Park

A visit to the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historical Park is a great Virtual Field Trip experience for students. Students can experience this national park and learn more about the life and accomplishments of the great Martin Luther King Jr. Virtual field trip links, a K-W-L Chart, and a reflection piece is all included. Make sure you have access to youtube.com. 

Virtual Field Trip to
National Underground Railroad Museum

The National Underground Railroad Museum is a unique place and one where students are sure to learn a lot and enjoy visiting. This virtual field trip is packed with content and learning opportunities about the sacrifice of the great Harriet Tubman and the bravery of the men and women who were involved with the Underground Railroad. 

Black History Month Activities

February is Black history month. Included in the February Classroom Activities in this bundle are a Black History Month video and writing activities. 

As you can see, everything you need for jammed-packed, engaging, fun, and exciting February classroom activities has been created and is ready for you to assign and play with students. Have fun and happy February!

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