Winter Themed Games for Classroom
20 Games Students Will Love

winter themed games for classroom

Winter themed games for classroom will certainly warm up the hearts of students. Let’s face it, returning to school after winter break can be a bit of a challenge. 

Getting back into the routine at school can be somewhat of a drag for teachers and students. So, I took the time to put together this Winter Themed Games for the Classroom Bundle. Lucky for you, each activity you need to build classroom community is included in this Winter Themed Games for Classroom Bundle.  

This Winter Games for Classroom Bundle was designed to build classroom community with your students. Classroom community promotes a positive environment that will enhance student learning by connecting and building student relationships with the teacher and with each other. Building classroom community is so important and is time well spent. The 20 activities included here will help you do just that, build classroom community.

Winter games for classroom

The month of January is already planned and activities are ready to be assigned. Each activity was designed to help build classroom community while having some fun with students. Students are sure to enjoy the unique, festive, winter-themed clipart, and they will love playing along and answering a few silly questions along the way. 

Winter Themed Games for Classroom
What is That? Game

I love this game! Small snippets of pictures are provided and students are asked to guess “What is that?”. Trust me when I say that students will love playing this one! This is at the top of my winter games for classroom list!

Snowman Says...

Snowman Says is played similarly to Simon Says. The festive, winter clipart makes this game a fun one. Plus, students will love the challenge and silly things that take place while playing “Snowman Says”.

Scavenger Hunt Game

A winter themed Scavenger Hunt is definitely on our list of favorite winter games for classroom! Students are challenged to find winter-themed objects during the Scavenger Hunt Game. Make sure to go check out the game slides before playing to ensure you have the items. Nothing crazy, just winter-themed objects!

Sit Down Stand Up Game

winter classroom activities elementary

This winter classroom activity elementary will get students up and moving. If students agree with the question or statement on the slide, they stand up. If they disagree, students will stay seated. I’m sure by now you already guessed, but this winter-themed classroom activities, is one students will love playing. Show your fun side and play along with your class. 

Winter Themed Games for Classroom
Virtual Field Trip to the Arctic

An Arctic virtual field trip is a perfect winter activity that is educational and fun! Take students to the Arctic to learn facts and information about the climate, wildlife, and so much more. A virtual field trip link, K-W-L chart, reflection piece, and Arctic fact sheet are included.

Freeze Dance Game

Everybody freeze! I don’t know about your students, but my kiddos love playing freeze dance, freeze tag, or anything related to the word freeze. The Freeze Dance game included is a great way to get students up and moving and the perfect brain break! 

Winter Themed Games for Classroom
Goals and Perseverance 

Do you have goals? When a goal needs to be set, how do you start? Take a few minutes to think over your process for goal setting and how you work toward accomplishment. Teaching students to set goals and work toward achieving those goals is so important. In the past, I asked students about their goals. Blank stares and eye-rolling were quickly noted. I learned my students had no idea about how to set goals or how to work toward accomplishing a goal. Lucky for you, a great goal-setting activity is included that will help students work through the process of setting a goal.

Winter Themed Would You Rather? Game

Would You Rather Winter Questions

Would You Rather Winter Edition will be great fun for students. The silly,winter-themed questions offer a great way to build classroom community. You can always learn so much about students while playing games like Would You Rather Winter Edition. 

Winter Themed Journal Prompts and Directed Drawings

Winter themed journal prompts and directed drawings are a must! Students really enjoy directed drawings. The extra bonus here is you are providing kids an opportunity to tap into their creative side or show off their drawing/color skills. Directed drawings are perfect to reward students for good behavior. These do not take long, but students really enjoy them. 

Journal prompts are important for students. You can incorporate writing skills and creative writing which is important for all students. Journal prompts also help students process their thoughts and feelings, which is very helpful. 

As you can see, everything you need to build classroom community for the whole month of January is packed into one valuable resource. Now that you know the benefits of classroom community and have all the resources you need, what are you waiting for?