Classroom Management Techniques


Are you looking for classroom management techniques? Do you need new or improved classroom management strategies or a classroom management plan?  Maybe you are new to this wonderful teaching profession but discovering classroom management styles...

Classroom Management Techniques
Tip: 1 Clear Expectation


Do students know what your expectations are and how to meet those expectations? Also, after a student breaks a rule or fails to meet your expectations, what consequences are in place? Make sure you have detailed your expectations and modeled for students. However, I recommend keeping your list of expectations and consequences small so they are more manageable for kids. So, what are the 3 major behaviors that you are not going to tolerate? You may need a classroom behavior plan or individual behavior plan for students who are struggling with their behavior.  This is key when developing your classroom management techniques.

Tip 2: Be Organized


Think about your classroom and classroom management techniques for a second. Is it a hot mess? Does everything have a specific place and are you students familiar with these places? Amazon has many great options to help get your classroom organized. Many options are affordable and simple to implement. My suggestion is to invite your students along the way when trying to get organized and keep your classroom that way. If you need help organizing your math centers, check this out!

Tip 3:  Behavior System


What type of classroom behavior system and go along with your classroom management techniques do you have in place? What consequences happen when a student doesn't meet your classroom expectations? I don't recommend having too many consequences for students, for it may be too difficult for them to remember. Also, make sure the consequence fits the crime so to speak. However, it's important to give warnings and allow your behavior system that leads up to bigger, heavier consequences. Here is the classroom behavior plan I implement in my classroom. I called it the Clipboard System.

Tip: 4 Morning Meetings


So, have you considered having Class Meetings with students? Class meetings are very important and your students will be sure to love. Morning meetings or class meetings is something I recently started implementing because I needed a specific time every day to build relationships with my students. A meeting type activity can provide an opportunity to talk with your class and really focus on building those meaningful relationships that are so important. Take the time to invest in your students and it will pay off tremendously.  This is the best tool to add to your classroom management techniques toolbox.  

Tip: 5 Brain Breaks


Do you give your students brain breaks? Have you ever worked on something that required a lot of brainpower? As a result, you just felt wiped out afterward? Our students feel the same way. Remember to allow them time to stretch, grab a sip of water, and time to move around. So, if you are looking for brain breaks to implement using technology, check out GoNoodle.

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