Attention Getters for Students That Actually Work!

Attention Getters that actually work will help you keep your sanity during the school year.

Attention getters that actually work for any grade level will help cut out your classroom chaos. Your students will love these fun, unique, and manageable attention getters, and they offer a quick response time for your students. Attention getters in the classroom are the solution to your problems if you are dealing with too much talking and constant chaos.  Whether you are just starting a new school year or are halfway finished, attention getters for kids can be effective in your classroom.  

Attention getters in the classroom are a highly effective way to get student's attention, and the best part is that this works for any classroom or any grade level.  This strategy can be successfully used whether students are working independently, as a whole group, or during center time.  

Attention Getters
Practice Makes Perfect!

Here's how this works... the teacher goes first and says a specific phrase, then students say a different specific phrase.

Practice with your students. Introduce and practice a couple of attention getters at the beginning of school when you are teaching rituals and routines. Make this strategy a staple in your classroom and use daily. This is a quick, FREE tool for you to add in your classroom management toolbox. If you are having trouble getting students on board, compliment those who quickly respond. For example, “Beth, great job responding quickly when you heard me say Hocus-Pocus. You may go to the treasure box”.

Attention Getters in the Classroom
The Benefits

Attention getters in the classroom have so many benefits.  First off, this will cut down stress for the teacher. This strategy will also allow students to quickly redirected behavior without causing major disruption in the learning environment. The benefits of attention getters will cut down on the chaos in your classroom. This great strategy will reduce the amount of talking and grab students' attention when you need it. This is the perfect classroom management technique to redirect students' attention when they get off task. I personally love using attention getters when I am teaching and students are not providing the engagement that I am looking for.

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What's the Goal?

The goal of attention getters in classroom is to get students to stop the unwanted behavior and start the desired behavior.  For example, if students are very talkative during instruction and not completing their assigned work, use an attention getter for kids.  Once the class has quieted down, explain that directions are not being followed and specifically explain your expectations.  This is a reminder for students. 

Teacher student call backs really do work.  Students think always think the call backs they are silly and fun.

Attention Getters for Primary School

Have fun with your students! The primary level should be fun for students, but remember, the goal is to get their attention. Teach, reteach, and reteach again how to properly respond to the keyword or phrase you have chosen.  Be precise and detailed with expectations. Explain to students that this is not a time to be silly, and you need their attention.  Any time or place they hear the key phrase, you are expecting a response.

Be TRENDY! What are students into right now? Think of new movies that are out and popular with the age group of students you are working with. Here are a few suggestions:

Mario Bros Movie - my students love the "Peaches" song. So teacher says: "Peaches, Peaches", students says: "Peaches, Peaches, Peaches". Listen to the song and this will make more sense!

Ninja Turtles Movie - Teacher says: "Cowabunga", students says: "Dude".

Barbie Move - Teacher says: "Hi!", students says: "I'm Barbie"

these are just a few fun suggestions! I would to hear any recommendations you have! Scroll down to the bottom of this blog post and share with us!

Attention Getters for  Elementary Students

Attention Getters for elementary students

Attention getters are great for upper elementary students too!  If you teach upper elementary students, they are not too old to benefit from this classroom management tool. I would choose 2-4 of your favorites that you think your students will not feel childish when using. I teach 3rd grade and my students respond very well to this strategy when I implement it in my classroom. However, I am very careful and watch how they respond when introducing this strategy. I would recommend changing up one or two throughout the school year. As a matter of fact, I know a 5th grade teacher who changes in his classroom every semester. Remember to be crystal clear with your expectations and remind students you are trying to get their attention.

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Attention getters for kids are a lifesaver for teachers! This will prevent yelling, and you from becoming overwhelmed and frustrated.
Attention getters in the classroom are catchy phrases that redirect students from an unwanted behavior to a wanted behavior.

After you have students' attention, I recommend you ask they get into a “learning position” or “give me 5”. “Learning position” in my classroom is feet on the floor, sit in your seat nice and tall, hands in your lap. However, you can customize this however you need to to fit the needs of your students and classroom.

Keep in mind that each year you will have a different group of students.  Each school year and group of students offers many challenges for teachers, especially with classroom management.  Strategies that work one year may not work the next, and you may have to change it up.  Having options of different attention getters for kids is a great benefit for us teachers.  I'm not sure about you, but I love having options.

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Do you have a classroom doorbell?  Did you know you can use a classroom doorbell as one of your attention getters? How cool, right?  I use this classroom management tool in addition to the strategies in this blog post. This is a GREAT classroom management tool and will certainly complement the other strategies mentioned above. Click here to read more! 

Halloween Attention Getters

Halloween attention getters are spooktacular for any classroom!

Halloween Attention Getters will add a level of fun to your classroom. Have some spooky fun with students and check out these spooktacular Halloween attention getters.

  • Teacher Says: Who You Gonna Call?
  • Student Says: Ghostbusters
  • Teacher Says: Trick or Treat
  • Student Says: Smell My Feet
  • Teacher Says: Hocus Pocus
  • Students Says: Everyone Focus
  • Teacher Says: The Monster Mash
  • Student Says: Monster Mash
  • Teacher Says: Spooky Scary
  • Student Says: Skeletons!

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