Classroom Doorbell


A Classroom doorbell is essential classroom management for elementary teachers.  A wireless doorbell for a classroom is affordable, easy to use, and will help eliminate stress.  Larger class sizes can be found more and more and often the traditional attention-getters tend to become difficult to use in large classes.  Your solution….. a wireless doorbell! So, if you are still contemplating why adding a wireless doorbell to your classroom management tools is the answer allow me to help!

Wireless Doorbell for Classroom
Classroom Doorbell Expectations


Teacher Tip:  Teach, reteach, and teach again your expectations to your students! Ask questions and give plenty of examples when using a classroom doorbell.

Just like with all classroom rules and procedures, teach students what to expect when they hear the wireless doorbell chime.  Take some time before implementing this fun classroom management tool to consider how you want your students to react when the doorbell is being used.  There are many chimes available so the possibilities are endless. Consider this, one chime for lining up at the door, another for changing centers, and use another as your attention-getter.  This awesome wireless doorbell can be found here!   


The wireless doorbell that I have is a SADOTECH that I ordered from amazon and highly recommend this one.  I personally have the white wireless doorbell but SADOTECH has beautiful color options. Here is a picture!  Simply plug the base of the doorbell into an outlet. Then, add the remote to the wireless doorbell onto your lanyard or teacher name tag.  Another suggestion would be to glue the wireless doorbell remote to a lanyard clip and you can clip wherever you wish. Customizing the chimes to the one you like is also an option!  SCORE!

Doorbell for Classroom
aka The Attention Getter!


Use the wireless doorbell when you wish to get students' attention.  You can customize the doorbell chime for different needs.  For example, one chime can mean line up at the door, and another could be, stop and look at the teacher.  I personally love this idea and why a wireless doorbell has changed my classroom management game! Classroom management for elementary teachers can be challenging. Larger class sizes have become more of the norm in schools all across the United States. Having more than one classroom management tool in your classroom management toolbox will help tremendously! This awesome classroom doorbell for the classroom can be found at Amazon or on Sadotech's website! Click this link!   

Classroom Doorbell
Classroom Transitions


How do your students transition from centers, or line up for recess or cafeteria?  Does this require you to clap to get their attention or say an attention-getter? Speaking from personal experience, when I use a fun clap attention getter, I have to walk to my desk and put whatever I’m holding in my hand.  Let's face it, teachers juggle tasks as soon as they enter the school building. Think about it, when your students need to make a transition most of the time you are transitioning too. Use the remote to activate the chime of your choice and students will start transitioning to where you have requested.

Wireless Doorbell for Teachers

Will the remote work if I am across the classroom?

Answer:  yes! The remote will still activate the chime across a classroom.

Is the wireless doorbell loud enough for my students to hear?

Answer:  Absolutely!

Does the remote have a battery?

Answer:  yes! The remote has a battery that comes installed.