Online Classroom Management

online-classroom-managementAre you looking for online classroom management tips and strategies? Classroom Management in an online classroom is not much different than is a “regular classroom”.

Do not stress about online classroom management!  First, you are doing a great job teacher!  The fact that you are reading this blog post shows you are investing in your students and want to provide great learning opportunities. Second, take a deep breath. The classroom management tips you will read here will help make your life easier. Classroom Management Tips for an online classroom is not much different than what you or your students are used to.      

Online Classroom Management Rules for Students

If you are using Zoom, Google Meets, or any other online platform to connect with your students, you have to set boundaries and rules. You need to run your online classroom as close to what your students are used to. Similar rules, same expectations! Be sure to have high expectations for your students. Set a schedule and make sure students know what to expect. If you are purchasing resources from Teachers Pay Teachers, test all links beforehand. Before the class session starts, pull all lessons and activities up and have them ready to go. This will help you stay organized and reduce stress. Think of how you want your online sessions to go and how you can make that happen. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Show Respect -  Be sure you are showing respect with your words and actions
  • Dress Appropriately - Make sure your clothing follows the school dress code
  • Use the MUTE button - Mute yourself and leave yourself muted unless you are answering a question or the teacher ask you to unmute yourself
  • No food or drinks - Do not eat or drink while class is in session

Attention Getters and Online Classroom Management

A great online classroom management tool for your online classroom is Attention Getters! When do you use Attention Getters? If you notice a student is off task or not doing what you asked, use an attention-getter. The point of using an attention-getter is to STOP the behavior the student is doing and START the behavior you DESIRE. Click here to download the list.  

Attention Getter is a highly effective way to get students to stop unwanted behavior and start doing the desired behavior.           

Here is how you incorporate Attention Getters in your online classroom.  The teacher will call out a phase and students will repeat their phase letting the teacher know they are paying attention.  After students repeat their phase, ask students to get into “Learning Position”. Learning Position is when students have their back in the chair, feet on the floor, hands in your lap.  I have a free download that includes over 30 Attention Getters perfect to use in your classroom starting today! If you want to read more about Attention Getters, check out this blog post.


Looking for fun online games to play?  Check out this BUNDLE!

Invite a Mystery Guest

To boost morale in your online classroom,  pump students about inviting a mystery guest to an online session.  The mystery guest could be another teacher, media specialist, principal, really anyone in your school building that students would love to see!

Virtual Reward for Students


Virtual Rewards for Students are here for you! The best part of an online classroom is the rewards do not have to be costly.  Really your time, your heart, and your creativity are the only things you need.  Think of what your students would work hard for. Again, have high expectations for your students. Click here to download the list! 

Play online games and activities with students as rewards.  Virtual field trip for kids is a great option!

Morning Meeting Slides


 or check out at Teachers Pay Teachers

Are you implementing Morning Meeting in your online classroom? If not, why not? Take 10-20 minutes each day to add a normal routine to your online classroom. Morning Meeting time is a fun time for students to relax with structured time from the teacher. This Morning Meeting resource includes over 200 Google Slides! Click here to check out this resource. 

Digital Social-Emotional Journal


or check out at Teachers Pay Teachers

Take a step back from academics and be real for your students. Take this time to teach students how to process emotions and deal with situations that are out of our control. Use this Digital Social-Emotional Journal to do that. Students will simply click inside the box to type their answers. Students will appreciate the bright colors and fun vibes of working with this journal.

Set high expectations for students!  Make sure you stick to your schedule and have resources ready for students.  You can't help tech issues, but I recommend having a quick activity to throw in when tech issues arise.  Talk with students each day reviewing your expectations and activities.  This way students will know what to expect as well as how you expect their behavior to be.