Virtual Field Trip Florida Everglades
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Virtual Field Trip Florida Everglades

Virtual field trip Florida Everglades offers so many super cool experiences for students. Book your trip and add this Florida Everglades Virtual Field Trip to your lesson plans. Don’t worry, I’ve planned and created everything for you. Whether you are looking for epic science activities or something just for fun, I’ve got you covered. Sounds too good to be true, right?

Everglades National Park is a cool subtropical preserve in south Florida. Whether you are studying habitats or ecosystems, the Florida Everglades is a cool place to study. The Florida Everglades has both temperate and tropical plant life and also marine and estuarine environments. These things are part of what makes the Florida Everglades such an interesting place. So, welcome to one of the largest wetlands in the cool is that!

Virtual Field Trip Florida Everglades

Virtual Field Trip Florida Everglades is a great trip and learning experience! Students will enjoy learning about the unique species that call the Florida Everglades home. From alligators to butterflies, students will find each organism interesting and will learn specific facts about many organisms.

Florida Everglades Virtual Field Trip

Florida Everglades virtual field trip is great for all grade levels. This resource is jam packed and would be super easy to adapt to the grade level of your choice. Everything you need to travel through the Florida Everglades is included in this resource. A PowerPoint presentation and digital version are both included. So, whether you are looking for an online resource or for a printable one, this offers fun Florida Everglades activities for students. 

Here’s a sneak peek of the engaging Florida Everglades activities included in the Virtual Field Trip: Florida Everglades. 

  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Virtual Field Trip Florida Everglades Video Link
  • Virtual Field Trip Florida Everglades Reflection
  • Virtual Field Trip Florida Everglades KWL Chart
  • 5 videos related to species, mammals, birds, reptiles, and saltwater fish
  • Florida Everglades Airboat Ride
  • Note Pages for Students
  • All About the Everglades Graphic Organizer
  • Species Graphic Organizer

The digital version of this resource includes graphic organizers that already have text boxes. All students have to do is click and type their answer. Everything is ready to go and user-friendly for teachers and students.

Everglades Virtual Field Trip

Everglades virtual field trip

A Florida Everglades airboat ride is a great experience for students. Students ride along and get an in-depth look at the habitats and organisms that live in the Florida Everglades. I recommend taking the Florida Everglades airboat ride before traveling on the Virtual Field. The virtual field trip to the Florida Everglades goes in-depth, but the Florida Everglades airboat ride will give students a nice preview of what’s to come.  

I don't know about you but I never been on an airboat ride. This would be a fun experience for my students as well as myself. It would be fun to ask students to write a small paragraph of what they think this experience would be like, before starting your journey on this everglades virtual field trip. I personally would love to read what my students could come up with and their thoughts on what an airboat ride would be like.

Florida Everglades Facts for Kids

Did you know both alligators and crocodiles call the Florida Everglades home? This must-have resource is jammed-packed with Florida Everglades facts for kids. Fun Florida Everglades facts will spark the interest of students while teaching about the variety of organisms that live in the Everglades. Students can view the PowerPoint or Google Slides presentation to learn about specific organisms. 

Also included are several videos for students to view the animals in their habitat. This is such a cool feature that students are sure to enjoy. They get a real-life peek at the wetlands. I mean, how neat is a place with over 300 fish and 50 reptilian species?

Calling all science teachers! If you are teaching life cycles, amphibians, ecosystems, reptiles, wetlands, this Florida Everglades virtual field trip includes information related to this content. Of course, much more content is included but I just wanted to highlights this for you.

Florida Everglades Facts and Information

Here you will find lots of Florida Everglades facts and information. Whether you are searching for a science resource or a Fun Friday activity, this Virtual Field Trip Florida Everglades is the ticket. Bring science class to life and deepen students' understanding of the many concepts this great everglades virtual field trip offers.

Come check out the Florida Everglades virtually! Allow me to help teach your students about wetlands, species, and this super cool ecosystem located in Florida. Students will learn about endangered species, amphibians, mammals, birds, reptiles, and even take an airboat ride through the Florida Everglades. Trust me, you don't want to miss this epic, educational good time!