Science Virtual Field Trips
Bring Science to Life!

Science Virtual Field Trip provides students with a deep dive into real learning experiences.

Science Virtual Field Trips are easy to implement and highly engaging for students!  Can you imagine the look on your students' faces when they get a peek at a real coral reef or get to explore a beautiful rainforest?  If you are looking for great activities that are easy to manage, yet highly engaging for science class, science virtual field trips are the answer!  Kids love traveling but often do not get the chance. Field trips for the win!  Invite students on many adventurous journeys while traveling on a variety of science virtual field trips.  Take your science class to a whole new level and create memories when implementing science virtual field trips for elementary students.  

Incorporate Into Instruction

Students love visiting new places and being a part of the cool experiences that come with field trips.  I’m sure you can remember field trips that you went on when you were younger.  Unfortunately, many times students are not offered these experiences much anymore.  This is the best part of virtual field trips.  You can provide students an educational experience, and they can have fun while learning with science virtual field trips.

Science Virtual Field Trips
Offer Great Experiences

Want to make these science virtual field trips extra special?  Pack a snack or lunch for students to enjoy during the virtual field trip.  This will provide an experience very much like being on a real field trip for students.  If packing sack lunches isn’t a task that sounds appealing, go on one of the science virtual field trips before or after lunchtime.  Grab your computer, a snack, and prep students for great learning experiences ahead!

Trust me, a science virtual field trip is highly engaging for students.
  1. Moon
  2. Kennedy Space Center
  3. Natural History Museum
  4. International Space Center
  5. Kennedy Space Center
  6. Science Education Center
  7. Crystal Cave
  8. Letchworth State Park
  9. Dinosaur Valley State Park
  10. Butterfly Exhibit

Science Virtual Field Trip for Elementary students that requires no prep!
  1. Coral Reef
  2. New York State Museum
  3. National Weather Center
  4. California Science Center
  5. Renewable Energy Plant
  6. Freshwater Ecosystem
  7. Rainforest
  8. Simple Machines
  9. Museum of Discovery Science
  10. Earth and Space Science Center

Science Virtual Field Trips B-U-N-D-L-E

Virtual science field trips that are standard-based are included.

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P. S.  Each Elementary Science Field Trip includes a video,    K-W-L Chart, and reflection page.


Dinosaur Virtual Field Trips

Virtual field trip dinosaurs is a great educational experience for students.
Dinosaurs virtual field trip is great for for age or grade level.

Are you teaching about dinosaurs and looking for fun activities to go along with your unit?  I have a simple, yet highly engaging activity suggestion: Dinosaurs Virtual Field Trip!  Incorporating an engaging activity like virtual field trip to a dinosaur museum will provide an inside look at real dinosaur fossils and much more about these prehistoric creatures.  

If you are looking to save some money, check out this Virtual Field Trip GROWING BUNDLE that includes over 100 trips!

Virtual Field Trip to Butterfly Garden

Virtual field trip Butterfly Garden is a great place to travel with students.

Virtual Field Trip to Butterfly Garden is an experience students are sure to love and remember!  I mean everyone loves butterflies, but especially kids, right?  If students are learning life cycles, a butterfly virtual field trip is the perfect activity!

Virtual Field Trip Weather

Weather virtual field trips are lots of fun and directly relate to science standards.

I love teaching about the weather.  I have found this to be a favorite unit for my students.  Weather is relevant in our daily lives and is fascinating to most.  I believe students enjoy learning how weather works, what causes weather, why the clouds look a certain way, and so on.  A weather virtual field trip will give students a sneak peek if they are unable to visit a weather station.  This Science Virtual Field Trip for Elementary Students is a win-win!

Rainforest Virtual Field Trip

Tropical rainforest virtual field trip is a beautiful experience to offer students.

The rainforest is a beautiful, colorful place with millions of unique organisms and contains so many beautiful colors.  The animals and other organisms that call this habitat home offer the opportunity to teach so many concepts for science class.  A quick Rainforest Virtual Field Trip is the ticket to increasing engagement and sparking interest with students.   

 Virtual Field Trip Coral Reef

Virtual Field Trip Coral Reef offers bright colors and views of cool animals!

Virtual Field Trip Coral Reef is an adventure of a lifetime.  This science virtual field trip has many learning opportunities to offer.  A virtual field trip to a coral reef is perfect if you are teaching any of these concepts:  predator vs. prey, camouflage, or adaptations.  Students are sure to be intrigued by the bright colors and unique species! 

Allowing students to visit places that are unknown to them is very exciting and can certainly spark their interest.  Not only can students learn about specific habitats, but they also can see firsthand the colors, sounds, and other specifics about the location you are visiting.  Before starting your journey on a science virtual field trip for elementary students, be sure to share your expectations and rules.  These might include: no talking during the video, encouraging students to take notes, and asking students to wait to ask questions until after the video has completed.  Another great suggestion is to assign a K-W-L chart for students to complete.  

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