Earth Day Virtual Field Trip
That Kids Will Love

Earth Day Virtual Field Trip is perfect to celebrate Earth Day. Students will enjoy learning more

Earth Day virtual field trip is a great experience for all! So, what’s the big deal about Earth Day, and why is it important for us to learn more? Earth Day is a day to celebrate our planet and learn how to better take care of, appreciate, and preserve its natural resources. It’s also a great opportunity to raise awareness and learn about climate change, recycling, and preserving our natural resources.

Earth Day Virtual Field Trip

Virtual Field Trip Earth Day offers great activities perfect to celebrate each year during the month of April.

Everything you need to host an EPIC Earth Day virtual field trip is right here! All the work has been for you (which is the best part of all). This virtual field trip Earth Day resource includes YouTube links, graphic organizers, a PowerPoint presentation, and much more. Here are more details of what’s included in this must-have resource:

 PowerPoint presentation and Google Slides presentation

  • Earth Day Brain Break link
  • Earth Day Would You Rather Game link
  • Earth Day graphic organizer
  • Virtual Field Trip Earth Day link
  • KWL Chart
  • Earth Day Virtual Field Trip Reflection

Virtual Field Trip Earth Day

This Earth Day virtual field trip also included is a Google Slides version of the entire presentation, so two versions are available to accommodate in-person or virtual classrooms. The other version included is a PowerPoint presentation. Are you ready to check out this resource? If so click here.

I love when I have the opportunity to integrate activities into two subject areas. For example, interactive Earth Day activities fall into two subject areas - writing and science. Virtual Field Trip Earth Day is just one of the many fun times you can have with students on April 22. When you can wrap two critical subject areas while offering fun, educational activities for students, you have won! This great resource, Earth Day virtual field trip will help you do just that.

Interactive Earth Day Activities

Here are a few more interactive Earth Day activities. Read alouds, directed drawings, Pick Up Litter Day, etc. I have included my top suggestions of read alouds that I highly recommend. With each read aloud, students can write a reflection or summary of their reading. Students can meet in small groups and compare notes as well as discuss takeaways from the read alouds. If you are a math and science teacher like me, speak with your team teacher or an ELA teacher to find out the best way to implement reading and writing into Earth Day. That way students are learning and implementing strategies in two subject areas. The possibilities are endless here!

Fun Activities for Earth Day

Directed drawings are so much fun! My students enjoy drawing and love learning how to draw new, fun things. If you haven’t discovered directed drawings yet, you have got to check them out. YouTube offers so many great artists that are child friendly and perfect for teachers to implement in their classrooms. The artists go slow and you can pause to allow students to catch up when needed or have students work independently. I cannot recommend direct drawings enough! Here are my top suggestions for directed drawings that are perfect for Earth Day. 

Draw So Cute - How To Draw The Earth

Art for Kids Hub - How To Draw The Earth As A Heart

Art for Kids Hub - How to Draw An Earth Day Folding Surprise

Science Earth Day Activities

You can incorporate writing activities, directed drawings, or read alouds along with this Virtual Field Trip: Earth Day and have fun, meaningful activities for the day. I wanted to keep activities simple, yet meaningful, and totally easy for teachers. I love sharing my ideas with you!

So whether you are looking to tie Earth Day activities in with science standards or are just looking to celebrate Earth Day, everything you need can be found right here. The best part is all the work has been done for you. All you have to do is post links in  Google Classroom or use the PowerPoint presentation.

Virtual Field Trips are so much fun for students! Whether you are looking for fun Friday activities or an activity that correlates with standards, virtual field trips is the way to go. As you have probably gathered by now, I love virtual field trips. I have created many field trip experience I would love for you to share with your students. Some are just for fun and others are directly related to social studies and science standards. Check it out...

Fun activities for Earth Day (that are also engaging) have to include a virtual field trip. Virtual field trips offer a chance for students to have a unique experience while also learning.

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