Titanic Virtual Field Trip

Titanic Virtual Field Trip is a great learning experience. Jammed packed with activities and information a Virtual Field Trip Titanic is fun and educational.

Set sail with your students on an EPIC Titanic Virtual Field Trip experience discovering facts, information, and details about the RMS Titanic. The sinking of the Titanic is interesting to so many, even over 100 years after the tragedy. The Titanic sank on April 15, 1912, into freezing water in the Atlantic Ocean, where the remains of the ship still lie. Artifacts, pictures, videos, and webcam footage are now available, so we can see the Titanic in real-time. This makes for exciting Titanic interactive activities.

Allow students to become a visitor on the famous RMS Titanic. This once-in-a-lifetime experience will be one your students will always remember. Visiting the location via webcam and seeing actual footage of the Titanic is so cool. Bring one of the most memorable, modern-day events in history to life for students!

You will check out artifacts and view webcam footage of the Titanic roughly 12,600 feet underwater in the Atlantic Ocean. Also included is information about the passengers who experienced this beautiful ship and about the tragic night of the sinking. 

Titanic Virtual Field Trip Experience

Titanic Virtual Field Trip is for everyone! Whether you are searching for a fun Friday activity or a standards-based activity, this one is for you! So much is jammed packed into this ready-to-go resource.

I had so much fun creating this resource. I have always found the Titanic interesting, even as a student. While being creative, I learned so much more about the night of the sinking and many of the passengers onboard. 

This is a great resource for many reasons. First, this topic will keep students engaged. Second, you can tie in social-emotional learning and ask your students to imagine the emotions and experiences of the passengers on board. For example, how do you think it felt to be a first-class or 3rd-class passenger? Also, how do you think the passengers felt watching the ship go down into the freezing Atlantic Ocean? Do you think the people who were able to get on a lifeboat felt guilt or do you think they felt relief?

Virtual Field Trip Titanic Resource

Virtual field trip Titanic is a great learning experience for students of all ages! Titanic virtual field trip offers a closer look at what's left of the wreckage.

A Titanic virtual field trip is a great resource for elementary and upper elementary students. This is also ideal for middle school students. Students will enjoy the in-depth view and experience from each video.  

Here’s what included:

  • PowerPoint Presentation (Full Color) with 24 slides
  • The PowerPoint Presentation has several YouTube links available to provide an in-depth look.
  • Titanic Virtual Field Trip Video
  • KWL Chart
  • Titanic Virtual Field Trip Reflection 
  • The Unsinkable Molly Brown Q & A Activity
  • Titanic Timeline Activity
  • Titanic Tribute Newspapers Activity
  • Artifacts Video Link
  • Musicians of the Titanic Video Link
  • First-Class Cabins Video Link
  • Third-Class Cabins Video Link
  • A Trip of a Lifetime Video Link
  • Building the Titanic Video Link

This resource is offered in PowerPoint format as well as Google Slides. I wanted to provide two versions so every teacher could implement this resource. As I said before, I had so much fun creating this resource. Each video dives deeper into specific topics so students get a real-life experience of the Titanic. Each slide has clipart that fits the theme perfectly and is age-appropriate. 

Whether you are looking for a standards-based activity, extension assignment for students, or a fun academic unit for the end of the school year, this Titanic Virtual Field Trip is perfect. As you can already tell, this Titanic Virtual Field Trip is jam-packed with facts, information, and several student-friendly activities!