Discover Colonial America:
Plymouth Plantation Virtual Field Trip

Plymouth Plantation Virtual Field Trip offers and exciting virtual adventure! So, buckle up teachers and get students ready to have fun! Today, we will embark on a remarkable journey on a Plymouth Plantation virtual field trip, immersing our young learners in the captivating history of the Pilgrims and the founding of the New World. While physical field trips may not always be possible, the wonders of technology allow us to visit historical sites from the comfort of our classrooms. In this blog post, we'll explore the benefits of a virtual field trip to Plymouth Plantation and provide you with some useful tips and resources to make the experience unforgettable for your students.

I truly enjoy teaching social studies. I love learning social studies when I was in school. I always try to incorporate fun activities into my social studies lessons because some children find the content boring. However, it's so important understand our history and learn from it. Social studies virtual field trips make learning interesting, fun and helps to keep students engaged. 

Pilgrims in Plymouth Colony

Welcome to Plymouth Plantation, located in present-day Massachusetts, was established in 1620 by the Pilgrims seeking religious freedom. This virtual field trip will transport your students back in time to the 17th century, where they can witness history unfold before their eyes. Through interactive exhibits, multimedia presentations, and virtual tours, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced by the Pilgrims and the impact of their arrival on the Native American tribes.

Trust me students will find their way of life interesting and maybe even a little funny. This is what makes learning about the Plymouth Colony fun. Life back then was very different from now and I think it surprised children the way people lived during this time period. So, take students back in time to the Plymouth Colony.

Plymouth Plantation Virtual Field Trip

Plimoth plantation virtual field trip is a must!

To make the virtual field trip to Plymouth Plantation an engaging and educational experience, consider incorporating this Plymouth Plantation virtual field trip. Here's what's included:

PowerPoint and Google Slides Presentation (both are included)

Virtual Field Trip Links

Virtual Field Trip Reflection

KWL Chart

Presentation Includes:

Journey to America

The Mayflower

Plymouth Colony

Meet the Puritans

The Pilgrims

The First Thanksgiving


Falling on Hard Times

and more! Also, included is a read-aloud video and many other link in enhance this must have resource.

Everything you need to travel is included. Digital links, presentation, a reflection, etc. Literally all you have to do is present or assign to students. Everything is done for you. Plus you will love the bright, and colorful clipart that is included on each slide, download now!

Virtual field trips offer numerous advantages for elementary school students. They provide access to historically significant locations that may be geographically distant or otherwise inaccessible. Through virtual experiences, students can interact with primary sources, artifacts, and historical reenactments, enriching their understanding of the subject matter. These trips also promote technological literacy and digital skills, which are essential in today's increasingly connected world.

Fun Facts about Plymouth Colony

Students will learn all about the history of Plymouth Colony.

Unlike traditional field trips, the virtual format of the Plymouth Plantation experience offers flexibility and accessibility for all learners. Regardless of geographical location or limited resources, students can embark on this journey through a simple internet connection. This inclusivity ensures that all students have an equal opportunity to engage with historical content and develop a sense of connection to the past.

I love bringing history to life for students. Virtual field trips offer great opportunities for students to experience history in a different, unique way. I personally think students who have cool, unique experiences through learning understand and recall content and information better.

Looking for more standards based content?

Social Studies virtual tours brings history to life for students.

Plymouth Plantation Virtual Field Trip is apart of a growing bundle! All trips included are standards based but I guarantee you lots of fun! Check out this resources. 

Growing Bundle - almost 100 trips included!

Social Studies Bundle

Standards based virtual field trips truly are a win, win for teachers. Well it's a win, win for students too. As I stated before, social studies can be labeled as boring for some and it's our job as teachers to bring the content to life. Incorporating virtual field trips into your lesson plans is an excellent way to engage and inspire your students, and a virtual journey to Plymouth Plantation is sure to leave a lasting impact. By exploring the Pilgrims' struggles, the interactions with Native American tribes, and the foundation of a new society, students will gain a deeper understanding of American history. Remember to incorporate hands-on activities, encourage research, and provide opportunities for reflection to maximize the educational value of the virtual experience. So, let's embark on this captivating journey together and inspire a lifelong love for history in our young learners!

Remember, even if physical field trips are not possible, we have the tools to bring the world to our classrooms.

Happy virtual exploring!

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