Ellis Island Virtual Field Trip

Virtual Field Trip Ellis Island is a great learning experience for students.

Ellis Island Virtual Field Trip is a must and an unforgettable experience. Although you may not be able to physically take students to visit Ellis Island in New York Harbor, you can take a virtual trip to experience what it was like for the millions of immigrants who passed through its doors between 1892 and 1954.

Welcome to Ellis Island! This is a fun way for students to learn important facts and information about Ellis Island. Students will learn about the process that immigrants took to enter the United States.

Have a great time with students while implementing this standards based Ellis Island virtual field trip. The building of Ellis Island, how immigrants were processed, inspections, as well as the importance how to Ellis Island impacted the United States are all included in this resource. 

Ellis Island Virtual Field Trip Resource

Virtual Field Trip to Ellis Island

Everything you need for an EPIC Ellis Island virtual field trip is included in this must-have teaching resource. 

  • PowerPoint Presentation and Google Slides Presentation
  • KWL Chart - Virtual field trip
  • Ellis Island virtual field trip links
  • Ellis Island virtual field trip Reflection Sheet

PowerPoint Presentation and Google Slides are both included.


The Importance of Ellis Island

As students look at pictures and experience virtually, they can imagine the noise and commotion of the crowds of people waiting to be processed. Students can see the hopeful faces of those who were about to begin their new lives in America and the anxious expressions of those who were unsure if they would be allowed to stay.

Students will learn about specific rooms found at Ellis Island like the Baggage Room. Here, immigrants had their belongings searched and inspected for anything that could pose a threat to public health or safety. This was also the place where any items deemed unnecessary or too large were confiscated. Rooms like the Baggage Room are important for students to learn about so they can understand what immigrants went through to experience life here in America. Also, make sure student understand the value of living there in America or the freedoms that citizens have here. If you teach the Bill of Rights, this is a great opportunity to review that content.

The Registry Room, where immigrants were questioned about their backgrounds and medical histories. They were also asked to provide documentation, such as passports and birth certificates. If an immigrant was deemed healthy and had all the necessary documentation, they were allowed to proceed to the next stage of the process. Make sure to highlight these was to keep immigrants save as well as other Americans.

Ellis Island Inspections

Ellis Island for Elementary Students

The medical examination was one of the most emotional parts of the Ellis Island experience. Immigrants were examined for physical and mental health issues, and those who were deemed sick were sent to the island's hospital for treatment. This was a scary and isolating experience for many immigrants, who had already endured so much on their journey to America.

Legal inspections were also a big deal at Ellis Island. During legal inspections, immigrants were questioned about their ability to support themselves and their families in America. They were also asked about their pasts, and any discrepancies in their stories could lead to denial of entry. If everything checked out, immigrants were allowed to leave the island and begin their new lives in America.

Ellis Island National Park

Ellis Island for kids

Today, Ellis Island is a National Park Service site and a popular tourist attraction. Visitors can explore the restored Great Hall, which was the main processing area for immigrants, and learn about the history of immigration to the United States. The island also houses the Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration, which features exhibits on the immigrant experience and the role of Ellis Island in American history. Ellis Island remains an enduring symbol of the American Dream and a testament to the courage and determination of the millions of immigrants who passed through its doors. The museum is a beautiful tribute to Ellis Island.

As students conclude their virtual tour of Ellis Island, we are reminded of the incredible journey that millions of immigrants took to reach America. They left behind their homes and families, often enduring poverty and persecution, all in search of a better life. Ellis Island represents both the challenges and the opportunities that these immigrants faced, and it remains an important symbol of the American Dream today.

Children's Books about Ellis Island

As you can see, everything you need to teach and travel to Ellis Island is included in this resource. I created this resource to be interesting for students yet educationally and simple to implement for teachers. I'm sure you will find this resource to be all you need!

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