Virtual Field Trip To The White House
Experience Of A Lifetime


A Virtual Field Trip to the White House is an experience of a lifetime! Wanting to teach your students about the US government? How about a field trip to the nation’s capital? There’s no better way to learn US history and government than by seeing where it all takes place. Planning an EPIC Virtual Field Trip White House in Washington, D.C., that aligns with your social studies curriculum is easy peasy.  So, let me help you plan an experience of a lifetime with an EPIC Virtual Field trip to the White House for kids where your students can learn about facts about the White House for kids.

Virtual Field Trip to the White House
Make Curriculum Connections


First, pinpoint what exactly you want students to experience during the virtual field trip to the White House for students. Consider all the history the White House offers and the fun facts that kids always enjoy while on a White House Virtual Field Trip.  Make sure to highlight the color-named rooms inside the White House and that the White House was burned down on August 24, 1814, during the War of 1812. If you teach in the state of Georgia, this directly relates to multiple Georgia Social Studies State Standards.

Virtual Field Trip to the White House
The Experience of a Lifetime

Let’s face it, the vast majority of our students do not get to experience travel, and many have not traveled much at all outside of their home state. Inviting students on a virtual field trip to the White House is as close to the real thing as most students will ever get. This is a memorable and exciting opportunity for your kiddos! To make this Virtual Field Trip to the White House experience a little sweeter, directly relate it to what you are teaching in your classroom.  Make connections to US history and current events and help them to better understand both the structure and the process of government. And don’t underestimate just how cool it is to see the inside of the White House! Trust me, your students will think you are the coolest teacher ever when you take them on a field trip to where the president of the United States of America lives!

Virtual field trip to the White House offers the perfect opportunity to incorporate ELA or writing activities. After the field trip, ask students to write a reflection in paragraph form over the experience. If you are like me and do not teach ELA or writing, ask your team teacher to handle this. This is a great opportunity for a fun, interesting cross-curriculum assignment.I have found it easy to work with my team teacher when incorporating Social Studies content into writing and ELA activities.


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STOP THE SCROLL! Today is your lucky day. I have a resource available that is perfect for you and your students. This Virtual Field Trip to the White House and Virtual Field Trip to Washington, D.C., includes everything you need to achieve all of the benefits that are included in this blog post.  

  • PowerPoint presentation and Google Slides both included
  • The presentation includes facts and information about the White House: its floor plan, its history, and much more!
  • Virtual Field Trip with video link
  • Virtual Field Trip KWL Chart
  • Virtual Field Trip Reflection Page
Virtual field trip Washington DC is a great learning experience.

Virtual Field Trip to the White House
Increase Engagement

Every teacher has that one student that is a master of the “I’m bored” eye roll. When you incorporate a virtual field trip into your activities, it’s a great way to light a spark and engage students. Virtual field trips for kids are an easy way for teachers to increase engagement and interest with their students. Whether you are teaching online or face-to-face, a Virtual Field Trip to the White House will transport your students to Washington, D.C., and get your kids excited about learning.

Virtual Field Trip to the White House
Interactive Activities

Facts about the white house for kids

A Virtual Field Trip to the White House will offer an inside look at the White House, as well as the grounds around the White House. Be sure to highlight specific areas of the White House, such as where specific branches of government meet and host meetings.

As you can tell, you have nothing to lose but a good time when traveling to the nation’s capital in Washington, D.C., on a Virtual Field Trip to the White House. This great virtual field trip White House is both educational and engaging for all students. So what are you waiting for? Let’s load up and head out!