Math apps for Kids


Are you searching for math apps for kids?  Here are my favorite math apps I use with my students for classroom math activities.  I feel these are the best math apps. If you have a suggestion please share it with us!  Scroll down to the bottom of this blog post and leave your suggestion!

Each math apps I will share are free math apps.  I also wanted to share my kindergarten math activities that can be found in my TPT store. These are not digital resources, but your students love them!

Math Apps for Kids #1 is one of my favorite math apps for kids.  This great math app for kids allows you a daily practice limit. However, if you or your school have a membership, this website has such much to offer teachers and students.  The information provided by is easy to analyze. Simple to read graphs make it easy and convenient for teachers to target student’s learning. Another great feature is called "Real-Time". This allows the viewer to see the level students are performing at and which ones are at an idle. The image below skills available for grades pre-school through 5th grade. However, the website does offer up to 12th grade. Check out the student checklists that can be found in my Teachers Pay Teacher store. Each checklist includes the power standards that should master with 80% accuracy. When students complete all standards on each checklist, they receive a reward.

I have created the ultimate resource! IXL Checklist for students is a great opportunity for students to track their learning and ensure as many levels as possible are mastered! Each grade level is editable so you can select which level and the content area you want students working on. Click the images below to check each grade level out!


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Language Arts

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Math Apps for kids #2


My second favorite math apps for kids is  This is my favorite of the free math apps and the best free math app that my students use.  You can personalize a profile for each student choosing between, addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division.  However, you can select a mixture of all 4. Students will earn a red, yellow, or green dot at the end of each lesson.  If my students earn a green dot, they receive a treat. I will also reward them with a homework pass if they consistently receive a green dot for two weeks.  Teachers have the option to send home sign-in information with students so they have the option to work outside of school and parents can track progress.


Math Apps for kids # 3: Seesaw

Best.  Thing. Ever.  This is hands down my student’s favorite math activity. offers a journal type of approach for fun math activities.  Teachers are able to use activities or create their own. Students are able to speak, type, draw or write their answers using a variety of tools.  The audio recording feature is my student’s favorite. Differentiated instruction is easy to use when your students are using You have the choice to assign everyone in the class an assignment or just certain students.  This makes perfect for math centers and many other math activities.

Math Apps for kids # 4: Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a great choice for math apps for kids.  If you are looking for personalized instruction for your students that offers a variety of academic achievements.  Khan Academy offers curriculum from pre-school to test prep.  You also can search the curriculum by grade level or subject matter.  Social Studies, Science & engineering, economics, and finance, computing, art, and humanities are just a few of the curriculum options.  Videos are included as well as a variety of differently styled questions.

Math Apps for kids # 5: Quizizz


If you are not familiar with, go check it out now! My students love this engaging, challenging approach to check for understanding. My students also love the funny "meme" that pops up after they answer a question! The best part for the teacher is it does provide students with a grade! You can create your own quiz or choose one from the quiz bank. Students go to and click "join game". After, students will type in the game code that is seen below to take the quiz you have selected for them to take. Quick Tip: You can change themes for your quizizz game: classic, Halloween, Winter, Ocean by clicking the painter's tray located in the top right corner.