PBIS Student Rewards


Are implementing PBIS student rewards? PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Interventions Systems. Thousands of schools across the United States utilize the teachings of PBIS. If you implement PBIS at your school or classroom, you have got check out these behavior bucks!

The simple teaching of PBIS is to reward students and promote positive behavior choices. Well, most of us teachers do that daily. However, the teaching of PBIS suggests you follow a matrix. Display the matrix in your classroom and throughout your school for students to use as a reference. Often when teachers think of rewarding their students, they consider a financial burden. However, PBIS student rewards do not have to be costly!

PBIS Student Rewards


Behavior Bucks are easy to implement and will encourage your students to work towards achievable goals. When you think of rewards don’t think of spending money. Many PBIS student rewards can be completely FREE! Think outside the box and be creative. If you need help check out my list of FREE Rewards for students. Again, rewards do not have to cost tons of money. However, if you do want to purchase rewards for your class, purchase in bulk. Be mindful of items your students will put forth effort in working towards. Also, think of “rewarding” students with school supplies. Cool, fun eraserspencils, pens, and small notebooks are sure to be a treat for your students.

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How to implement PBIS Student Rewards…


My favorite behavior incentive for students is Behavior Bucks or Classroom Cash! My students work hard to earn Behavior Bucks or Classroom Cash. Behavior Bucks come in the following increments $1, $5, $10. If a student earns more money just give students more when needed. For example, if a student earns $25 you can give them two $10 and a $5. Work to customize the prize sheet and what students can purchase with their Behavior Bucks or Classroom Cash. You can create a classroom store for your students. Again, these rewards do not have to cost real money, think outside the box. If you do want to purchase reward items for students to cash in, purchase in bulk.

Teacher Tip: Use the Classroom Store, Behavior Bucks, or Classroom Cash as an opportunity to teach economics. If you teach how to count money and count change back! Use this opportunity to double dip when teaching students how to deal with money and be responsible.

Keep parents and families informed!

Get your parents and families on board. Make sure they are clearly informed of the goals of Behavior Bucks and the responsibility of the student. Ask them to encourage their child to earn PBIS student rewards and work hard. I recommend using Remind 101 for parent communication. You can print text messages to keep for documentation purposes.

PBIS Student Rewards and Consequences


Provide consequences for your students. Yes, PBIS student rewards are great and much needed but so are consequences! PBIS promotes encouraging students to make a good choice but what happens when they don’t? Ensure your students have consequences that fit the rules that are being broken. The punishment should fit the crime so to speak. Again, make sure to have clear expectations and students fully understand rules and consequences.

Teacher Tip: When developing rules and consequences make sure they are age-appropriate. Also, consider students who need to have individualized plans or specific behavior goals you are trying to accomplish.

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