Social Emotional Learning Activities


Social Emotional Learning Activities are simple yet incredibly meaningful!  No matter what your standards and objectives are during the school year, first and foremost, you have to focus on social-emotional learning this year more than ever. To begin, our elementary kids need a lot of love whether they are learning online or in person this school year. Overall, these social-emotional learning activities for elementary will help your kids have a strong year full of character building and positive mindset. 

Providing social emotional support in the classroom is so important.  Our students need us now more than ever.  Many of our students experience harsh living conditions and school is a safe place.  Use your classroom and school as an opportunity to strengthen students emotional health and teach how to deal and process emotions as well as, and build healthy relationships.  Building relationships with students is so very important.  Take the activities for social emotional learning and social emotional learning activities for elementary and start implementing right away!


Social Emotional Learning Activities
Daily Check-ins


One of my favorite social emotional learning activities that I recommend at any age is a daily check-in. This is especially important for distance learners that you aren’t seeing in person.  Also, a daily check-in can absolutely be done digitally! These activities for Social Emotional Learning can be delivered within your students’ social-emotional learning journal. On the daily journal slides, students can indicate their current emotional temperature.  This is a great option when looking for social emotional learning activities.  

Your students let you know how they are feeling that day and if they need additional support by choosing one of the following statements:


 I am OK

 I am M-E-H

 I am SAD or MAD

 Check on me; I need to talk

These options are all valid feelings and may vary from day to day. Give your kids a chance to let you know when they need some extra help with this daily social emotional activity.

Social Emotional Learning Activities
Understanding Emotions


Another social emotional learning activity within a daily journal helps students understand what different emotions look like and how to properly express different emotions.

The digital journal includes slides for the following emotions:









Teach your students how to identify the different emotions on the slides and reflect within their journal space.


Social Emotional Learning Activities
Calm Down Corner


Next, give your students a social-emotional learning activity that will help them navigate and define their own emotions when things get tough. Welcome to the "Chill Spot".Having a calm down corner or a "chill spot" in your classroom gives your students a chance to think about consequences for actions before they react in anger. 

The calm down corner is also a place to take a break. Even as adults, our emotions can get the best of us. It's OK to say, "I need a break."  This is a key component to Social Emotional Learning in the Classroom.  

The calm down corner bundle comes with all the materials you need to help your students manage their emotions and get back to learning. 

Social Emotional Learning Activity Challenges

Daily social emotional learning activities can also come with calls to action! Challenge your students to do something positive each day. For example, social-emotional learning journal slides include challenges to do something that makes them happy or make someone else happy!  Social-emotional learning for elementary are simple yet highly effective!

Take it another step and ask your students to participate in random acts of kindness. Truly, doing something for someone else without expecting anything in return will not only make someone else feel good, it makes YOU feel great too! Something as simple as leaving a positive note for a teacher or classmate or holding the door for someone can make a huge impact. 

Social emotional learning for elementary is not just the latest trend. Using social emotional learning activities to support elementary students is the right thing to do every year. Helping our students understand what they are feeling and owning their own emotions not only improves mental health, it helps them be ready to learn academic content in the classroom! 

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